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Outback Vibration help

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#1 p33t



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Posted 28 March 2019 - 3:40 AM

So to replace the BP Legacy, i rushed out and bought the nearest Outback I could find, and it seems I bought a bit of a POS.

I have a Vibration issue, mainly under power, like when accelerating uphill, most obvious after turning at Stop signs etc. Feels like its coming through the whole car, but not the wheel as much. Installing the FWD fuse generally makes it worse, so I don't think its diff related.

So far I have;

Serviced the engine and trans (plugs, filters, leads etc)
Replaced front CV shafts (took the old OEM ones taken apart and checked and they were fine)
Replaced drive shaft (had notchy U Joints)
Had an alignment and wheel balance (and tried different wheels)
Replaced engine mounts (on a hoist you could see the engine vibrate a lot, I thought doing this was gonna be the thing to fix it, but its still going)

So I'm out of ideas now. Also now I have new mounts, the car now vibrates when stopped and in gear.

Anyone else experienced something similar, or have any ideas of things to try?

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#2 mjlqtown


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Posted 03 April 2019 - 4:52 AM

Is it like a shudder or something?Also checked the front diff fluid level?

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#3 Reuben


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Posted 07 April 2019 - 11:24 AM

Normally I'd say CV shafts, then driveshaft... but you've done both of those... Hmmmmmm

Do we start thinking engine related instead of drivetrain? Is it rev related or speed related... If it's speed related, but doing it at idle, it can't be axles or driveshaft, so maybe be transmission? If it's rev related, maybe harmonic balancer, or a cyl missfire? Check your torque converter bolts? Maybe a mix of missfire and dodgy engine/trans mounts?

I'm currently working on a similar issue with a customer BPE outback, his is certainly speed related, just replaced a CV halfshaft, since one had a split inner boot, and previously i've found failed inner CV's can cause this, but it made no improvement, so gonna get underneath and do a proper job diagnosing. It's hard without a hoist anymore, it is always good to get under a car and run it up to see where the vibration is eminating. Maybe bribe your local mechanic to do that for yah.
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