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ej22e into gt body

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#1 calbaru


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Posted 03 May 2017 - 4:54 AM

picked up a gt wagon for cheap
was told it was complete except for bumper and tail light
not quite the case
have been slowly building up what i need and think i am almost ready to go
couple of things i am unsure about
ok most things i am unsure about
will the gt ecu handle everything for the 22e?
will i need to splice the ignitor wiring onto the original loom as the 22e has a coil pack not coil on plug like the original 20g engine
can i use the 22e heads or do i need to upgrade to something else (20g from orig engine?)
was thinking td04 turbo with low boost 6psi-ish to avoid blowing the thing up
am i dreaming?

feel free to fire advice at me if ur into it
i will keep this post updated altho it will prob be a slow process. time and money and all that usual stuff
thanks in advance

#2 Leufkax



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Posted 03 May 2017 - 6:23 AM

22 heads are sohc and you'll make less power than with a 20g..

#3 Reuben


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Posted 04 May 2017 - 1:42 PM

That's not the whole story though... the heads are more restrictive, and will have a higher velocity air charge entering the cyl. The 22E has a very strong torque curve in the lower revs thanks to this, good swirl they say. Matched with a small turbo, VF10/TD04, it'd probably feel like a little V8, oodles of tourqe low down, not much point going over 5000rpm. Power isn't everything.

This is also why it's good to own multiple cars in my opinion. If I didn't have the beast, then I wouldn't be inclined to try make a fast N/A BC for the sheer fun of it, I'd be more encouraged to follow the pack and slap a 20G instead. I really enjoy seeing these quirky out of the box projects, adds some different flavours to the range!

Now the ECU certainly won't handle it well. Sure it'd run and drive, but it could very easily run rich or lean. The air metered into the engine will be very different to what makes it into the cyl, because of the big differences with head, manifold, valve lift and timing etc. I'd strongly recommend even just an old link, they're simple enough to figure out and get running, plus that opens the doors for drop in yellow injectors for added safety, though greys will probably be enough. Only problem is the 22E takes red injectors, which are the same size as BH yellows, but different to greys and BG yellows. You have to choose either red or yellow injectors and a link, or custom rails, with grey injectors.

As for coils, I've done this mod, you must use the original two plug ignitor, this will work fine with the coil pack on the manifold, with the outputs from the ignitor joined to make wasted spark. Using the later single plug ignitor doesn't work. I've tried.

Just fire any more questions up here, we'll share the knowledge.
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