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Funky Idle after cleaning PCV Valve


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Posted 08 June 2022 - 11:27 AM

Hey all, First post here and it's mainly because I'm stuck scratching my head on what to do. 


TLDR I fucked my idle somehow after fiddling with the pcv, plz help <3


I own a 1992 Legacy Brighton 220 Auto Wagon, decided to rip off the PCV as well as the main hose going into it, clean out the PCV Valve with some CRC and spray the hose out with some hot water, made sure everything was dry and then slapped it all back together, attempted to fire her over and she'd rev up to 1000rpm or so as usual but then instantly fell on its face and started jumping in-between 100-400 rpm, the engine was shaking vigorously enough to move the car and reeked of fuel. I then held my foot on the gas lightly upto around 1000rpm and the miss/roughness would even out, the engine would stop rocking and would seem as normal. The second you let off the gas pedal however she falls straight back down and begins bogging out and shaking furiously. No obvious check engine light from what I've seen so far either, no oil light, no nothing :(


Whilst I was taking off the PCV, I also fiddled with the Igniter harness ( the thing with the 4 Spark plug leads coming off of it) and disconnected it temporarily, I also disconnected the Throttle Position Sensor and the IACV plugs as they were in my way. I haven't noticed any obvious vacuum leaks but ended up replacing the hose from the crank/bellhousing and it seemed to have no affect. 


I've now pulled off the IACV and attempted to clean it (can't figure out how to rotate it so Ive kinda just attacked it with CRC), tested the resistance and got 9.3ohm so according to Haynes a-okay, had a quick look at the TPS and tested resistance on term #1 & 2 iirc and got 0ohm at closed throttle and 0L (whatever that means) at WOT and my haynes Manual said it should be infinite so I guess thats that.


Now I'm starting to get a bit discouraged and confused as I just want the car to idle so I can drive the damn thing :( I'm really hoping some of you guys can point me in the right direction and help me get the ol girl running again!


I've also read a few times over this site that there is a ECU reset I can perform and that the IACV could potentially have "lost signal" to the ECU for lack of better words, if someone could help point me in the direction of that i'd be much appreciated!


Any ideas over all are much appreciated, Im stuck :(


Cheers all, Dean

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