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Posted 21 September 2020 - 4:47 AM

Hey there! 

As you can see by the title I'm planning on having some dumb fun, recently bought a 1996 Legacy LX Sedan for 800$ with an ej18 to learn how to drive manual (Just turned 18 so I thought f*** it! Lets learn something new and have some fun while I do it), its now been around half a year now and I absolutely love this car besides one thing... POWER! It has some decent torque but I'm getting absolutely sick of seeing some cocky 16 year old in a BMW 318i just being able to pull ahead of me with damn near no effort. Lets change that shall we?


With me coming to the decision that more power seems ideal and this being my first project as well as manual car, I thought why not slap on a turbo to have a lil bit extra oomph to make the EJ18 worthwhile for the meantime! So far I've done a decent amount of research (couple weeks-ish) and other 1.8L owners usually get a wrx/sti manifold, slap a TD04 on her and refrain from pushing over 8PSI with stock internals, Easy, cheap and straight bolt on... for an Impreza. This is where you guys hopefully come in! As mentioned before I have a legacy LX, not an Impreza and I'm really struggling to find any info specifically about BD2's being turbocharged.


I can find parts left right and center for NA Impreza's, wrx's, sti's but little to nothing for 2nd Gen single turbo BD. Is there something I'm missing? I'm assuming it comes down to me not knowing the best phrasing for what I want or there just being a lack of information about my car but I'm determined to see this little thing fly!


Any and all help would be much appreciated.





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Posted 22 September 2020 - 6:07 AM

short answer, the amount of money you will spend on parts, time and cert isnt really worth it. If you want a turbo one, go and find a turbo legacy

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